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Divya Public School Simultala a new chain of schools under of the Divya Public Educational Trust. This group spare heads a mission to achive excellence in education through cutting edge learning tools combined with the human touch and the unique Gurushishya (Teacher-pupil) bond of the Dipsites.

We at Divya Public School Simultala are committed to provide worldclass educational framework to the students .As Divya Public School Simultala dipsites knoledge initiative; we would effort to produce thinkers, innovators, researchers and in true sense.

Divya Public School Simultala aims to insil in each child a sense of curious and exploration andmotivate for experimentation, observation and synthesis . .We offer to free the learning process from the confins of the four walls of class rooms and take it further activity workshops

Niwas Kumar


Dear Parents,
Your child is very special individual who need a happy secure and challenging environment in which to grow a child ‘s natural demand to explore his/her world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the years to come .
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Our Facilities

School Van

School VANS are provided for the school students to safe journey from home to school and school to home.

Smart Classes

Smart class is a combination of the stuffy classroom with new technology, making learning fun for students and teachers.

Game and Sports

The importance of sports and game in the school campus is the part of the extra curriculum physical activity


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